2012 Year

İTO 50th Year Award-Winner

2009 Year

The First Led Spot

2008 Year

III.Genaration Begins to Work

2002 Year

The First Export to the USA

1993 Year

Beginnig of Exports

1991 Year

Nişantaşı Showroom Opening

1990 Year

European Light Championship
European Light Championship
II.Genaration - European Award-winner

1983 Year

Mecidiyeköy Showroom Opening

1982 Year

The First Metal Halide Spot

1981 Year

The First Acrobat Table Lamp

1980 Year

The First 12V 50W Spot

1979 Year

The First Rod 300W Halogen Spot Bulbs

1975 Years

The First Elektroray Dekoray

1970 Year

The First Reflector Lamps Spot

1966 Years

The First Fleming Tunges Spot

1959 Year

The First Workshop of the First Generation






Elektromotor  Spot Sanayi is Turkey’s first spot producer and first spot exporter company which was founded in 1959. Combining its experience of more than a half century with developing technological innovations, Elektromotor is proud of being the pioneer and roo ...

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